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April 24 2012

Delay of RHI a further stumbling block for the heating industry

Steve Hopkins speaks out about the recently announced delay to the Renewable Heat Incentive, claiming it is yet another obstacle to the growth of the heating industry.

After insulation, boilers and controls are two of the most important elements to improve the efficiency of the home so it’s important that homeowners have the ability to upgrade and that the heating industry can support this. Although the Green Deal is still going ahead, there are still a lot of variables and we won’t know the outcome of the latest consultation until the summer.

Despite the government ploughing extra money into the RHPP, less than half of the vouchers have been redeemed and the pre-cursor to the RHI has been poorly received. Delaying the RHI further will not improve the reputation of either the RHPP or the full RHI.

As manufacturers this gives us very little to work with for the foreseeable future, which is why, through the HHIC, we are requesting that the Government implement strong measures sooner rather than later. And measures that clearly demonstrate what they intend to do with schemes such as the RHI and the Green Deal.

Steve Hopkins is the Product Marketing Manager at Alpha Heating Innovation

24th April 2012

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