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Graham meets procurement agreement with Fife HA


Local plumbers’ merchant, Graham, has entered into the first year of a two-year procurement partnership deal with Fife Housing Association to deliver its plumbing, heating and sanitaryware products to HA projects in the area.

As a result of an already successful partnership, the agreement has been put in place due to the excellent working relationship between Graham and Fife HA, of which, the ability for Graham to supply the housing association with everything they require has been faultless, partly due to the adherence of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) framework in place between the two organisations.

By providing value for money, legislative compliance, best practice procurement, sustainable procurement and a successful collaboration and partnership deal, Graham is committed to ensuring all areas of the agreement are met, especially in light of the fact that the extension itself was signed through an OGC (Office of Government Commerce) contract.

Steve Gow, Operations Manager from Fife HA, said: “Our agreement with Graham means we will continue to receive the same outstanding level of service, ensuring all plumbing, heating and sanitaryware products required are delivered on time, when needed, at a cost that best represents value for money. By partnering with a specialist merchant, such as Graham, we can also benefit from the added peace of mind that we can rely on them for help and advice, should it be required, to ensure we select the most appropriate products and parts for the project in question.”

Delivering a wide range of sanitaryware, in addition to complementary plumbing and heating systems and spares, Graham is able to ensure that both new and refurbished Fife HA properties benefit from the incorporation of some of the leading plumbing and heating products available.

Ian Glass, National Sales Manager – Public Sector, from Graham, commented: “We are committed to bringing a high level of service to Fife HA and its tenants, meeting all areas of the SLA as promised and are delighted to be working alongside the housing association for another two years. Our close partnership has meant we have been able to advise which products are best suited to varying projects, in accordance with the needs of the property and Fife HA themselves.”


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