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Lafarge campaign urges builders to ‘Think Thermal’


Lafarge Plasterboard, has launched its Think Thermal campaign to help merchants understand thermal boards and take advantage of commercial opportunities.

The Government is starting to try to improve the energy efficiency of the 25 million existing buildings in the UK, the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) market will be given a boost through the introduction of the Green Deal and revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations (which provide guidance on thermal efficiency).  This means more customers will be looking for energy efficient solutions and merchants will need to be able to help.

Think Thermal, launched in February, aims to provide clarity in the often complicated thermal board market, helping to explain what products are available, how to use them, and where and when they should be used.

Sioned Webb, marketing communications and trade marketing manager explains: “Think Thermal is about helping merchants navigate the frequently confusing thermal board market. Rising energy prices, as well as the financial incentives from the Green Deal, mean customers will seek out materials that they potentially haven’t bought before.  Merchants need to ‘think thermal’ to take advantage.
“At the moment there is a great deal of confusion about which boards should be used and where. For example, some refurbishments only require a minor increase in thermal efficiency to improve the warmth and comfort of a room, while others need products that meet the more challenging performance criteria set out in Part L.  Both merchants and end-users need clear guidance and Think Thermal will deliver this.” 

As part of the campaign Lafarge Plasterboard will be developing Think Thermal tool kits, which will include essential information for merchants such as: a guide to Part L and thermal board solutions, a thermal board product selector which will help merchants advise customers on the right board for their needs, a useful fact sheet for quick guidance and other materials for promoting the Lafarge GTEC range of thermal boards.  Lafarge Plasterboard will also provide a dedicated technical enquiry line for instant advice.

Sioned concludes: “Lafarge Plasterboard is committed to helping our customers provide a good service.  This campaign will help merchants to better understand the thermal boards market and provide reliable advice to their clients.”


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